Why do cryptocurrencies exist? Find out at the ВВС Philippines panel discussion

Why do cryptocurrencies exist? Find out at the ВВС Philippines panel discussion

Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts from the Philippines, Germany, and the U. S. will come together at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines panel discussion in order to discuss cryptocurrency phenomenon, aspects of its legislative regulation as well as business tokenization and ICO as a fundraising tool.

Four experts will take part in the panel discussion. They are blockchain business owners from the Philippines James Florentino (CEO at MergeCommit) and Mark Vernon (Business Owner at Tagcash). Their opponents — a bitcoin & blockchain specialist at Satoshi School Jörg Molt (Germany) and an attorney and legal expert Zachary Kelman (USA).

Keynote topics of the discussion:

  • Why do cryptocurrencies exist and how do they differentiate from traditional fiat currencies?
  • Are cryptocurrencies legal?
  • Are cryptocurrencies considered securities? If so, what differentiates cryptocurrencies from securities?
  • What is an ICO and why is it gaining so much traction?
  • What are the legal aspects should a business look out for when running a cryptocurrency-based business?
  • What is the worst possible implication of not complying with regulation?
  • How do you see cryptocurrencies in 5 years from now in terms of legality?

During the discussion, the experts will voice reasoned viewpoints on the abovementioned issues paying special attention to the adoption and regulation of cryptocurrencies in the Philippines. At the end of the event, attendees will have a chance to pose questions to the speakers.


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