Cloud Mining: Companies Which Really Help to Earn

Cloud Mining: Companies Which Really Help to Earn

Cloud mining is the most convenient type of mining as it is possible to make profit without dealing with the equipment. Crypto coins are mined in the specialized mining farms, and clients should only sign the contract with the company which provides the services.

Some of the cloud mining companies turn to be a scam, others break the rules of the contract. Let’s look at the cloud mining services which are reliable and really help their clients to earn crypto coins.

What to Know Before Joining a Service?

Cloud mining is convenient but to make profits, it is necessary to consider several things:

  • profitability – it is important to understand how long it will take to get back the invested money;
  • reliability – overloaded data centers may have a breakdown and stop their services;
  • transparency – users should be able to get the information about the location of data centers and available hardware.

Reliable Cloud Mining Services

As in cloud mining people do not deal with the process themselves and completely rely on the service provider, it is important to carefully choose the company to sign a mining contract with.


The platform offers mining services for 21 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ADA, NEM, EOS and ETH Classic.

Miners trust the company as the creator of Eobot – one of the largest ASICs producers Bitmain.

The platform provides a possibility to choose the contract with different durations. For instance, Eobot’s clients can agree for cooperation for the period from 24 hours to 10 years.

Genesis MiningGenesis Mining

Genesis Mining offers mining services for BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, Zcash and XMR. Standard contracts for BTC mining can be signed for 5 years, while to mine other altcoins, customers can make a deal with the company for only 2 years.

However, the unique offer of the company – the possibility for users to develop their own mining plan.

For each from the available coins, there are three packages of services. They differ by the power capacity of mining equipment, therefore, by the price as well.


Hashing24 service only offers BTC mining, however, there is a possibility to get an indefinite contract with the company. For 100GН/s used the customer will pay $12.5.

Miners don’t question the service’s reliability as Hashing24 is a partner of the large mining equipment producer – BitFury.

IQ MiningIQ Mining

IQ Mining has data centers located in Canada, Russia, Iceland, Georgia, Algeria and China. According to the platform, after registering and obtaining MH/s mining contracts, clients will get first earnings in an hour. The average monthly income can be calculated using a special tool on the website.


AlienCloud is a cloud mining service which also provides a crypto exchange, as well as cold and hot wallets. According to the platform, risks of hacking are eliminated.

Users also have a possibility to submit their own hash rate by sending a special request. Currently, the platform offers 9 crypto coins to mine with contracts for one year and indefinite contracts. Mined coins are sent to clients’ accounts every day.

Agio CryptoAgio Crypto

Agio Crypto is a cloud mining service and reseller of Bitmain and Saint. It provides lifetime contracts for mining BTC, LTC and ETH, while data centers are located in China, Ukraine, Russia and Iceland.

Among the unique offers of the platform there are refunds to unsatisfied customers after the testing week and opportunity to resell the contract.

It is also important to note that the popular and highly used mining service HashFlare turned to be a scam. In 2017, it changed the contract terms and closed SHA-2 contracts. The service stopped giving payouts, and its team does not answer any questions sent via the support system.

Before signing a contract with the mining company, it is necessary to pay attention at the platform’s activity, behaviour of its representatives and fulfilment of its promises.

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