Where to Pay with Crypto Coins? Top 10 Online Platforms

Where to Pay with Crypto Coins? Top 10 Online Platforms

According to the service CoinMap, for November 13, there are 13556 venues in the world accepting BTC as a method of payment.

Top 10 popular online platforms where to pay for products with crypto coins are presented in the article.

1. https://www.newegg.com/Windows and Xbox Content

Microsoft first started accepting BTC as a method of payment in 2014. Then, the transactions were paused, but restored again in early 2018.

BTC can be used in Windows and Xbox stores to buy games, movies, and apps.

OpenSea2. Crypto Collectibles

OpenSea is a marketplace for digital goods such as digital art, pets, and land which accepts crypto.

On OpenSea, it is possible to buy and sell ETH-based products like Crypto Kitties, Ethermon and Hyper Dragons.

Overstock3. Home Decor

Overstock is the online retailer providing a huge variety of products for house decoration. Moreover, the platform is selling a bunch of products from toys for children to smart home systems.

The company started accepting BTC in 2014. Today, it accepts more than 60 cryptocurrencies due to the cooperation with the ShapeShift exchange. The website itself supports ETH, LTC and DASH.

It is possible to find furniture, jewelry, art products, kitchen supplies, electronics and clothes on the website.

PizzaForCoins4. Pizza

PizzaForCoins platform allows customers to pay with digital coins for the Italian dish – pizza. The website accepts more than 50 crypto coins and helps to order any meal from many local pizzerias.

Among the restaurants which will deliver pizza paid through the platform there are Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John. The service works in USA, Great Britain and Australia.

Purse.io5. Goods from Amazon

The platform Purse.io provides a possibility to get any product from the largest online shop Amazon, as it acts as the intermediary.

Customers can leave an application for the desired product they want to buy with BTC. Then, someone in need of digital coins would see it and buy the good in a standard way. After that, two parties can exchange the product and crypto coins with each other.

OpenBazaar6. E-commerce Platform

OpenBazaar is the decentralized e-commerce platform where it is possible to buy anything from clothes and jewelry to games and food.

It is a marketplace where anybody can create a store and start selling things – the platform has businesses from over 30 countries presented.

It is possible to pay with 50+ digital coins. Among them there are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and DASH.

7. Gift Cards

The website eGifter allows customers to buy all sorts of gift cards from over 250 various brands. Accepted crypto coins are BTC, ETH and LTC.

The platform does not charge any additional fees and even grants points for paying with BTC. Some of the most well-known brands offered by eGifter include iTunes, Dunkin Donuts, Uber, and Target.

Donate8. Donations

Cryptocurrencies can also be donated as well, and there are several organizations which accept digital money. It is possible to donate BTC to WikiLeaks – a platform publishing leaked documents.

The other possibility is the project which provides clean and safe water in areas of Africa – The Water Project. It is possible to give a donation in BTC.

Then, there is the option to donate digital coins to Red Cross organization or world’s leading children’s charity – Save the Children.

9. Different Goods

Fancy is the platform which is considered to be a social media for shopping. It displays items for sale in a Facebook-like feed.

There are possibilities to buy clothes, decor items, jewelry and many other products from various fields. Fancy acts as the intermediary between buyers and sellers and accepts BTC as payment.

10. Gadgets

NewEgg provides a huge choice of tech gadgets. There are computer systems, components, laptops, various electronics for home, motorcycles and drones.

Various fitness items and clothes can also be found at the platform and be bought with BTC.

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