Ubiatar – Gold Sponsor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

Ubiatar – Gold Sponsor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

Ubiatar, a company that brings to life people’s old dream of instant teleportation and possibility of staying at two places simultaneously, has become a Gold Sponsor of the conference. Using a smartphone, a user (Usar) can choose an Avatar that lives in the required area and ask him or her about a favor.

Usars direct their Avatars and everything seen and heard by Avatars is sent over the network to Usars. In such a way, the service allows users to find themselves at another place instantly. All you have to do is to choose the Avatar by reading his or her presentation, ratings, and location, start the connection and explore the area as if the Avatar is your remote body.

Revenues of the marketplace will be used to fulfill UbiatarPlay’s mission: to make ubiatar token value rise in the fastest and largest way possible while providing honest job opportunities to people all over the world.


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