Representatives of large blockchain companies and fintech experts from 7 countries of the world have become speakers of B&BC Philippines

Representatives of large blockchain companies and fintech experts from 7 countries of the world have become speakers of B&BC Philippines

The best experts in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will participate in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines held in Manila on January 25. The event is dedicated to digital currencies, blockchain, and ICOs.

The conference will be moderated by James Florentino, CEO of MergeCommit, a company that develops software and services used to work with blockchain. In 2013, James Florentino founded the first Bitcoin exchange in the Philippines,

The series of reports will be opened by the co-founder of Intrepid Ventures Zach Piester. He will make a presentation on the topic “What is Bitcoin, blockchain and ICOs? Why is it important and how does it all work?” Zach Piester will give you detailed information on the notion of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain, explain their operation principles, and answer the question whether blockchain can really change the Internet and global economy.

Among the speakers of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines, you will also find the advisor of the popular financial services platform – Zachary Kelman. The expert will focus on ICO. He will explain its structure, review the attitudes that regulatory bodies (such as the Securities and Exchange Commission) take toward ICOs in different countries. He will also share his views on the future of ICOs.

How is Bitcoin ecosystem integrated in e-commerce? The issue will be discussed in the presentation given by the CEO of nChain Group Jimmy Nguyen. The speaker will tell which developments sellers and consumers need to have to use Bitcoin in e-commerce. Besides, he will explain how to ensure the security of Bitcoin network and how legal regulation can facilitate the adoption of e-commerce.

Another speaker of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines is among top 100 most influential people in the field of blockchain, the editor-in-chief of ICO CROWD Ismail Malik. The topic of his presentation is “Tokenization – importance and perspectives”. From his report, you will find out which stages are common for ICOs, about types of tokens, the notion of tokens economy and how it interoperates with artificial intelligence.

CEO and co-founder of Kambiz Djafari will continue the talk about tokens. He will focus attention on one of the most notable trends in the blockchain industry – the tokenization of real-world assets. He will also speak about the advantages of blockchain-based tokens and about industrial sectors that will be affected by tokenization most of all in 2018-2019.

What is BitShares and the Graphene technology? What are the peculiarities of the decentralized crypto exchange Deex and how can it solve the problems of digital currency exchange? Answers to these questions will be given by Vlad Sapozhnikov, co-founder and CEO of the Deex platform that helps to quickly trade, exchange, buy, or sell cryptocurrencies.

The CTO of BloomSolutions Luis Buenaventura will speak on the topic “Reinventing remittances with cryptocurrencies”. He will focus on the development of blockchain-based software intended for money transfers. He will specify how to integrate a decentralized technology in international transactions and which innovations are expected in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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