How to earn bitcoin without investments

How to earn bitcoin without investments

A lot of people still believe that the only way to obtain bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is to mine or invest in them, but that’s not true. There are other methods allowing to get bitcoins. It does not mean that you can grow rich and receive digital currency every second, but you can start easy and try to obtain your first bitcoins. All you need is a little time.

Platform with tasks

There are platforms where users are able to perform tasks of any complexity and receive bitcoins for them.

Btc4ads is a free website allowing to earn digital currency for watching advertising videos. Certainly, the platform gives a small amount of coins for such simple actions. However, it is a perfect way to begin. The average pay-off is 12 Satoshi per 5 seconds of video.

CoinWorker is a website where you should carry out tasks in order to earn. Users fulfil analytical tasks on their page and get pay-offs in bitcoins. The advantage of CoinWorker is its transparency. It is constantly ungraded, while a number of earned bitcoins is publicly shown on the website.

BitForTip is a website where you should answer users’ questions and receive the reward in return. Users enter the platform to find out the answer to specific questions or ask for advice. Providing a full comprehensive answer, you will get bitcoins.


There are websites allowing users to obtain tokens for registration. It is companies planning to launch an ICO that act in such a way. They offer to join a Telegram channel, fill out a Google form, or specify you crypto wallet, and, after a while, users get coins. Some websites also ask for reposts on Facebook or Twitter.

When tokens are charged, they can be exchanged for bitcoins, sold, or saved until the rate grows.

Bounty campaigns

The Bounty option allows to receive bitcoins or tokens only for company promotion. Users are offered to:

  • make a repost on Facebook or Twitter;
  • translate information about ICOs into other languages;
  • find mistakes and bugs on the website;
  • create design of logo or leaflet;
  • develop a mobile app or cryptocurrency wallet.

Therefore, you can earn hundreds of dollars using your skills and free time.

bitbondDividend payouts

Lending is an appropriate option for those owning a certain amount of cryptocurrency. Special website unite creditors and people who need a definite sum of money as soon as possible. Creditors lend their bitcoins to other person and receive them back with interest some time later.

BitBond is a platform where creditors can obtain dividends and not be afraid of being cheated. The website checks everyone on social websites using AI and then assign the risk assessment. Loans can be both long-term and short-term, which will reduce the fraud risk and give an opportunity to try to earn a bitcoin.


The method is perfect for those who have a vacant computer and who are ready to gain insight on technical aspects. Mining is not an absolutely free way: you should pay for electricity and enhance computer capacity.

People who do not have powerful equipment can try mining via a browser. It is not as efficient as the common one, but you will be able to explore the process and realize whether this way is appropriate for you or not.


Each bitcoin earning method has its advantages and disadvantages. To get your first digital coins, you will require some time, certain skills, and a bit of money. It’s up to you to decide which of them is the most convenient.

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