Going Back to Philippines: Manila Will Host Second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Going Back to Philippines: Manila Will Host Second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

On December 6, the international company Smile-Expo will organize the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines – large event about DLT and cryptocurrencies. The conference will unite leading industry specialists who will discuss main issues of the technology, ICOs and latest DLT news.

Why Are We Returning to Philippines?

Philippines is the promising country in terms of blockchain development as it presents numerous startups working with DLT.

In May 2018, there was an establishment of the Blockchain Association of the Philippines (BAP) – the organization which aim is to educate and connect crypto businesses and to discover the potential of DLT. BAP aims at making Philippines the country of P2P-connestions, improved access to banking and high economic efficiency.

Then, on June 27, Philippines’ Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) announced that it would issue licences to 25 crypto exchanges. The aim of the rule was to observe how crypto businesses work and protect investors from scam.

Also, British blockchain company, Online Blockchain, has launched ManilaCoin – a cryptocurrency for alternative financial transactions in the Philippines. It allows the country’s nation to control their money and efficiently mine the coin on computers without the special hardware.

Moreover, Philippines has a lot of companies which are developing the technology. Among them – an advanced crypto payment app, Coins.ph. It gives Filipinos the opportunity to pay bills, buy game credits and get digital currencies.

What is Waiting for Visitors at Our Second Conference?

Our second event in Philippines will gather technology developers, entrepreneurs, investors, miners, as well as representatives of the leading organizations and all crypto industry enthusiasts.


Guests will have a chance to meet with experts from top world corporations working with DLT. Specialists will deliver presentations on assets tokenization and ICO launching.

More than that, speakers will explain how to prevent hacker attacks and will share information about how crypto regulations influence businesses.

The unique topic of the conference – DLT in various spheres. Experts will tell the audience how the technology is applied in different sectors apart finances and will provide use cases from Philippines and other countries.

Demozone and Pitch Sessions

Guests will also visit the demozone – a space where companies will show their crypto developments. Among them – new mining hardware, crypto payments solutions and blockchain-based apps.

The event will also provide a unique chance to find project investments – startups will share their unique ideas during the pitch sessions. Finding new business partners will be possible as well – the event will include the time for networking.

Results of Our Previous Conference

The first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines was successful – the event gathered 300 attendees and 12 top companies exhibiting their projects.

The conference was visited by numerous software developers, crypto enthusiasts and leading corporations’ representatives – Business Group Lead at Microsoft Philippines, Herns Hermida, was among them.

More than that, one of the exhibitors at the event – Stepwyze – has established a partnership with CEZA. Unique cooperation has become the first collaboration between a sovereign economic zone and a company developing DLT.


The event will be coordinated by the company Smile-Expo – an organizer of 45 successful Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences in 25 countries.

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