Getting Capital for Startups: Investors at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

Getting Capital for Startups: Investors at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

Among the difficulties of crypto assets market is the lack of transparency, inefficient management and difficult access. However, the solution can be found.

On December 6, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines will welcome major investors. The National Investor, TaaS Capital Fund and InvestorsAlly will visit the event.

The National Investor (TNI) is a regional private investment firm and advisory company from Abu Dhabi in the UAE. The organization incorporates investment banking, private equity, asset management, and principal investments including real estate.

The platform offers services to various companies, financial and government institutions, and high net-worth individuals.

Tokenized investment fund – TaaS Capital Fund (TCF) – aims at helping companies and individuals to organize and control their crypto assets. Experienced investors assist with minimizing risks and utilizing algorithmic trading.

The main goal is to raise the wealth management transparency and make the market observation and risks optimization accessible. TCF provides services in fiat money and cryptocurrencies and has an experience with more than 50,000 trades and 35 token sales carefully selected from over 1000 projects.

The success rate of the platform is 780% within a year, while $16 million of profit is returned to token holders.

InvestorsAlly is an investment advisory company that helps home owners to find property investors with the help of the matching services.

The company also operates the portal FARJHO as the authoritative marketplace for the crowdfunding of fractional shared home equity ownership.

Investment organizations plan to find startups with innovative ideas and interesting solutions for cooperation.

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